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Audi R8 Launch Event II

Audi (1), originally uploaded by Shuffling Feet.

…and the S$1.08 Million, Audi R8 as captured on my Nikon D40. More on my flickr account.


Audi R8 Launch Event

Audi (2), originally uploaded by Shuffling Feet.

Sunday, Nov 25th 07 – The Audi R8 world premier, created a buzz outside the Marriott on Orchard Road. Some Audi legends rolled out onto the street amid much fanfare. In this pic you can spot the Audi  Silver Arrow with Alan McNish in full vintage gear.

I’m lovin’ it!

I was never a big fan of McDonald’s. Plain Jane burgers that tasted the same everywhere in the world.  Well, not till I came to Singapore and met McSpicy. Forget health food give me a McSpicy anytime. I find my self drawn to the nearest McDonald’s ever so often.

What beats me is why this fiery innovation from the Ron’s kitchen hasn’t been declared a Chart buster in the country of spices – India. Last time I checked , McSpicy hadn’t still arrived.

To the marketing folks at McDonald India – Got McSpicy?


Huge Fan at Bugis Village

Must be in the Guinness book, I don’t know. But this is one huge mother of all ceiling fans. Found inside Bugis Village, the mecca of street shopping in Singapore. Its a bit ironical actually, considering ceiling fans are mostly phased out in the Singapore residential and commercial spaces.

Also in within its radius span at the ground level is a sex toys outfit , a souvenir shop and couple of snack stalls. Try the assorted stuffed pancakes. I always make it a point to get myself the coconut filled ones. Love it.

Bad Taste Bears


I thought this would make a great gifting option for quirky people. I was intrigued by the idea :  Going counter culture to the stereotype of cuddly teddy bears.

These are  phone-size Bears with a ‘Bad Ass’ attitude. Prices starting at $11 . I saw them at a trolley stall inside China Square Center Point on Cross Street.

BTW, the camera on my N73 ME is proving a big help in capturing quick snapshots of things I want to blog about. Watch out for more…

I want a ‘lello’ Power Ranger

All through B school and frivolous marketing banter, I have heard the phrase Pester Power and used it loosely to depict an opportunity for any marketer. That I would finally fall victim to the same was a far away thought. I was unmarried and without children then.  😉

My 3 year old wept and whined, sulked and sniffed for a whole day because we got his friend a Power ranger toy for his birthday. We completely overlooked the ‘ identical purchase to avoid conflict’ rule. For most part of the day, I stood my ground with a strong ‘NO’. By the end I started laying conditions. ‘Well, if you behave like a good boy and stop sulking….’  by the time we were through dinner it was a commitment – ‘I’ll get it for you  in the morning if you stop asking’.

He somewhat obeyed and I had to keep my word.I was probably the first to walk into OG’s toy section on Monday morning, after patiently waiting for 20 mins. for the shutters to open.

Behind the Wheel

The taxi driver who drove me to work today, was a lady and a muslim. In some countries, such social freedom to work without gender bias and religious restrictions is still an improbable dream.

Singapore truly shines through as a progressive nation. Thumbs Up