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Huge Fan at Bugis Village

Must be in the Guinness book, I don’t know. But this is one huge mother of all ceiling fans. Found inside Bugis Village, the mecca of street shopping in Singapore. Its a bit ironical actually, considering ceiling fans are mostly phased out in the Singapore residential and commercial spaces.

Also in within its radius span at the ground level is a sex toys outfit , a souvenir shop and couple of snack stalls. Try the assorted stuffed pancakes. I always make it a point to get myself the coconut filled ones. Love it.


Bad Taste Bears


I thought this would make a great gifting option for quirky people. I was intrigued by the idea :  Going counter culture to the stereotype of cuddly teddy bears.

These are  phone-size Bears with a ‘Bad Ass’ attitude. Prices starting at $11 . I saw them at a trolley stall inside China Square Center Point on Cross Street.

BTW, the camera on my N73 ME is proving a big help in capturing quick snapshots of things I want to blog about. Watch out for more…

Mustafa Shopping – Survival Guide

If you are in Singapore, you’re most likely to visit the Mustafa Shopping Center. Here are some tips on orienting yourself better.

Why go there: 

  • They have just about everything and then some. Electronics, Watches, A supermarket, a Jewellery shop, Pharmacy, Foreign exchange and even a book store. It’s really a one stop shop. So, go prepared for the heavy dose of items/ sq foot
  • People go there because it’s cheaper than most places. But I wouldn’t say everything is cheaper.

 How to get to Mustafa : 

  • If you are taking the MRT to get there. Get off at Farrer park station. Most people get off at Little India station because, well Mustafa is IN little India. But the fact is, you are then faced with a long walk through the pretty busy and (un-‘rest of Singapore’ like) sidewalk of Serangoon Road. That can slow you down and tire you out for the final assault on Mustafa.
  • If you are a happy tourist, transiting through Singapore. You can take the MRT  from the Airport to Outram Park and then transfer there to the North East Line all the way to Farrer Park.
  • For those who couldn’t be bothered – Take a taxi J

 Something’s you might not know  : 

  • In my experience, you get the best US Dollar conversion rate at the Mustafa exchange, better than at Changi Airport.
  • Mustafa has an extensive luggage section. Some visitors ingeniously, buy their luggage first, and then leave it outside Mustafa under watch. After their through with the shop fest they pack in all the stuff into their new bags and have a neat , hassle free way to get out of Singapore.
  • If you are an Indian and missing desi spices / masala and all the other paraphernalia, the Mustafa supermarket is an essential monthly stop for groceries. I have seen more ‘Indian’ items there than you would find in a large supermarket back home.
  • People love buying DVD’s here and they have an extensive collection.
  • The perfumes and chocolates are sometimes cheaper than at the  Duty free.
  • It’s quite a labyrinthine place, so make sure you explore in all directions and all levels.
  • Getting a taxi out of Mustafa sometimes can be a big pain. Most often you will find them On Call. If you are burdened with a lot of shopping , then this can be a frustrating experience. Call for a cab, it will save you a lot of hassle.
  • Mustafa has gift certificates with unlimited validity. You can get it from the counter at Basement II
  • They have a bunch of ‘qualified to help’ staff walking around looking busy. If you get lost or can’t find something – which you most definitely will, just walk up and ask!
  • They have a paging system so use it if you are trying to track someone down.

When to go :

  • Mustafa is open 24hrs, which is great for tourists and locals alike.
  • Going at midnight and beyond means you get more air to breathe and more inches on the aisles.
  • Don’t go to Little India or Mustafa on Sunday evenings or Public Holidays. The mass swelling of migrant workers on their day off can really overwhelm you. If you are squeamish about crowds – Don’t go!

Comex 2007 – The big electronics fair in Sg

As always, it’s been drawing a lot of visitors and I think the weekend is going to be really buzzzzing with folks scouting around for that SUPER deal. If you have been eyeing something for a while and want the right environment to make an impulse decision – Go Now!

There are lots of offers, but even with its many brand offerings, the scope of the exhibition is narrower than it should be.

Some of the high end or newer end models are just not available. Take for example the Lenovo X61 Tablet. Given the size of the Lenovo stall, it’s a pity that they didn’t have one on display or even a price quote for the same.  All the people we met there seemed ill- prepared to give any answers on that model. It’s almost as if they never expected anyone to enquire about the X61 tablet!! With the kind of crowd that turns up at COMEX, M/s Lenovo, you got to be ready for anything. Don’t just sell what you have, sell what the customer wants.

I saw similar shortcomings at Apple. Although I think the promoters this time were very good. They were full of energy and quite intelligible, much like the brand itself.  We enquired about offers on the Ipod Nano and BOSE docking system as a package ——–‘Blank’

Come on Apple, get Creative! 😉

Comex is on till 2nd Sept  from noon to 9 pm at the Suntec City Exhibition Center.

  • Be prepared for huge swell of humanity, by Singaporean standards. But, everyone does a wonderful job of not bumping into each other.
  • Be prepared for an army of P4’s – Pointless Paper Pushing Promoters. Wouldn’t generalize, some of them really do a good job. (The organizers of COMEX, should put a limit to the no of promoters per stall)
  • Be prepared for long queues at the Taxi stand and difficulty booking one.
  • Finally be prepared for a lighter wallet / bank account!

My well thought out, impulse purchase at COMEX: a Nikon D40 DSLR kit with extra zoom lens. I am thrilled to bits.