This is me


Hola Everyone – this is Sumesh Menon. Thank you, for visiting my blog.

My goal is to provide useful information about things that I am very passionate about. Apart from little insights into Singapore life from an Indian expat’s perspective, I will also share news and info on my other interests old and new.

I do hope you take away something from this blog. Feel free to shoot me a note at Until next time…



2 responses to “This is me

  1. I visited Singapore in 2004. I was stunned by the cleanliness maintained there. Everything so systamatic and everything amazed me. However this year, I got to see the other side of Singapore, the Gaylang Street. How is it? Some places were even flocked with unruly people. Is there a reason for Singapore government not making it uniform.
    Ms. Sangey Lhaden

  2. Hi Sumesh,

    Mustaq Ahmad speaks Tamil very fluently.

    He is a very simple man.

    I would like to share an anecdote of me sitting beside him for a cup of coffee.

    I was very humbled by his presence as everyone greeted him as they went by. It was then did I realize I was sitting beside a visionary who once peddled on the street which is ‘MR MUSTAQ’S EMPIRE’!

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