Bad Taste Bears


I thought this would make a great gifting option for quirky people. I was intrigued by the idea :  Going counter culture to the stereotype of cuddly teddy bears.

These are  phone-size Bears with a ‘Bad Ass’ attitude. Prices starting at $11 . I saw them at a trolley stall inside China Square Center Point on Cross Street.

BTW, the camera on my N73 ME is proving a big help in capturing quick snapshots of things I want to blog about. Watch out for more…


5 responses to “Bad Taste Bears


    Bad Taste Bears are Not Worth To Collect ! As their distribution is very low, 98% in UK, even only some of the UK people known about it. The rest of the countries’ retail shops refuse to sell it, because their brand name is “0”.

    PRODUCTION LIES- They claimed their products are produced in China, is a LIE, only to make people to believe that their production is huge. Actually the figurines are made in UK, only the packaging boxes are made in China. That’s why they always claimed their figurines are selling very fast….actually the quantity produced was very low, like home made pan-cake business !

    EXPENSIVE, NO VALUE – Their figurines are very expensive compare to other Toy Factory like Todd Mcfarrance, Hot Toys…..,not due to their quality but the production is in UK and the quantity is small (actually their products are less details compare to other Toy Factories, their material also have very limited choice, only uses raisin, not like other toys combine with many types of materials).

    LIMITED EDITION, TRUE LIE – There are no limited edition at all !! They try to trap customers in 2 ways.
    1. Some figurines like Joker…and others so called Limited Edition actually do not exist ! because they have to pay copyright for it, and they don`t have the money and production to support them. In order to make customers believe that their products are always up to date, they make only about 10 Jokers in their own studio, only give it free for some big dealers or customers, and ask those dealers whenever customers want to buy it, just tell them the product is too hot, already retired in a month.
    2. The 2nd trick is….like the latest Bride & Groom, they REALLY only produced 500, those are imitation of Corpse Bride, but they don`t have to pay copyrights, cause they are not very “look alike”. They actually try to trick customers and dealers to make a quick purchase, or else they will be like Joker will be finished in one month. When everybody believe that lie and make the purchase, the product make them earn GBP 15.00 x 500 pcs = GBP 7500.00

    They keep on using the 1st & 2nd tricks and making a good money ! when you thought you got the LIMITED EDITION bear and want it to sell it to your friends and the rest of the people in the world in ebay, people throw you back a question “ What the hell is Bad Taste Bears ? Never heard before, only you UK people would pay such money for this rubbish, with the amount of money you pay, I could buy a lot of cool products from other REAL COLLECTABLE TOYS.


  2. Actually, the joker figure was an event bear, I believe. My partner was able to get one easily enough. In fact he’s been collecting BTBs for years and has nearly all of them. He’s had no trouble with the company and enjoys them.

    You have a lot of anger, son. You might wanna do something about that.

  3. Bad Taste Bears contained harmful chemicals. Have been banned in Many Countries !

    I hope the Singapore government taken action quickly !

  4. Do you sell Bad Taste Bear at your end?

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