I want a ‘lello’ Power Ranger

All through B school and frivolous marketing banter, I have heard the phrase Pester Power and used it loosely to depict an opportunity for any marketer. That I would finally fall victim to the same was a far away thought. I was unmarried and without children then.  😉

My 3 year old wept and whined, sulked and sniffed for a whole day because we got his friend a Power ranger toy for his birthday. We completely overlooked the ‘ identical purchase to avoid conflict’ rule. For most part of the day, I stood my ground with a strong ‘NO’. By the end I started laying conditions. ‘Well, if you behave like a good boy and stop sulking….’  by the time we were through dinner it was a commitment – ‘I’ll get it for you  in the morning if you stop asking’.

He somewhat obeyed and I had to keep my word.I was probably the first to walk into OG’s toy section on Monday morning, after patiently waiting for 20 mins. for the shutters to open.


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